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Izabela & Timothy Parsons met at the Philadelphia airport several years ago . Their passion for music quickly connected them and ever since, they have been composing music together. Their first EP album combines their favorite music styles and is solely performed, composed and produced by Izabela and Timothy. They have been married for four years and have a beautiful daughter named Julia.

Timothy was born in Cambodia. He was adopted by an American family when he was four years old. Shortly thereafter, he began taking piano lessons, which helped him communicate before he could even speak. While growing up, he served in the music ministry at his home church in Dover, DE. Later in college, he traveled extensively with a worship band and after studying International Business and music at Southeastern University, he founded “Race for the Orphans”, which is a foundation that helps orphans in Cambodia. He then traveled across America and Asia working for missions organizations, as well as speaking and performing. Today, he focuses on composing music with his wife Izabela and serves as a  business development consultant for various ministries and organizations around the world.

Izabela has studied music since early childhood. She traveled extensively with her two sisters as "Alizma". Together they toured North America, Europe, and Asia, and appeared on various TV shows and interviews. Izabela is originally from Poland and came to the United States as a teenager through a high school international exchange program.  After graduating, she continued to progress in the field of Arts Management at Shenandoah University in Washington DC. Music performance became her primary focus in life so she pursued graduate studies at Azusa Pacific University near Los Angeles, and received her Master’s Degree in Music with specialty in Violin Performance.  She also enrolled in Voice graduate program at Georgia Southern University, which she is currently pursuing. Subsequently, she began to write music and implement her original works into her performances. Presently, she focuses on composing, touring and producing music with her husband, as well as raising their young daughter.

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