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Local Missions


Timothy Parsons, founder of Timbella Foundation, is a board member for Code Purple, a Delaware non-profit organization whose goal is to help those suffering from homelessness, abuse, financial struggles, drug addiction by providing education, housing solutions, resources, counseling and guidance to overcome their biggest problems. Timbella Foundation has been involved in multiple Code Purple initiatives. 


Arts in Schools

Arts-in-Schools is a program that partners Timbella Foundation with public schools providing arts exposure including instruction to children from families with financial needs. It broadens the reach of arts exposure to those who would not otherwise be able to afforded it. We started the partnership at William Henry Middle School at the Capital School District in May 2022 through June 2022. 


Mommy & Me is a program where mothers and their children are provided with opportunities to come together to help forward the mission and vision on Timbella Foundation. From Earth Day park clean-ups to fundraising, mothers and children will be able to bond with each other while also helping others in need. 

Timbella Foundation believes in helping children and families in need, locally and globally, by partnering with other organizations that share the same mission.

“Changing the world by helping others in need” is the foundational function of Timbella's missions.

 Timbella Foundation aims to provide aid to those less fortunate, musical opportunities for children locally and globally, and to be a liaison between local churches, businesses and individuals, connecting them to the needs of the global mission field.  

Timbella achieves these goals by connecting with other organizations and creating local and global missions that anyone can join and support.  

Here is what we are doing LOCALLY (see images above)

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