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Timbella Foundation

Timbella Productions was founded in 2015 by Timothy and Izabela Parsons. The founders have had the opportunity to travel the world and share music for the past 20 years. 

Timothy was born on the streets of Cambodia and adopted by an American family from Dover, Delaware. His experience with business development has helped raise over 1.2 million dollars to build a school in Ghana while working for Global Servants. He has also helped create a children's home for the rescue of human trafficking victims in Thailand. In addition, through his company, Global Team Business Solutions, he helped write over a quarter-million dollars in grants in 2020 for charities in Delaware. 

Izabela was born in Poland and came to Delaware as and exchange student. She had the opportunity to perform with her two identical sisters as the talented trio Alizma. Izabela performed for the Grammy Awards, America's Got Talent, The Montel Williams Show, The Steve Harvey Show, Los Angeles Lakers and Wrigley Field, and throughout Asia & Europe. 

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Donate To Rescue Cambodia Orphans 
& To Rescue Kids From Human Trafficking 

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This partnership aims to help expand the music and arts community through the sharing of ideas, resources, and artistic gifts. 

Timbella Productions launched a new arts program in Delaware that isn't limited to our own four walls. Our goal is to support all of the local creative arts in Delaware! We not only want to be an outlet for those in need, but we also want to help creatives develop their artistic gifts to be used in other theaters and talent outlets across the state! We currently offer piano, violin, singing, and acting lessons. 

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Visit Timothy and Izabela Parsons' websites to get familiar with their music and missions.


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