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Global Missions


Ukraine Relief

Timbella Foundation is working hand-in-hand with a hotel in Poland that is housing Ukraine refugees, providing basic needs. This hotel is close and dear to the CEO and Founder of Timbella Foundation due to it being owned by his in-laws. Timbella Foundation set the goal of reaching $10,000 to aid in the Ukraine crisis, and the organization has hosted several fundraisers to help this cause.


Cambodia Missions

Timbella Foundation aims to provide aid to those less fortunate and musical opportunities for children locally and globally. Timbella Foundation intends to begin its mission focus in Cambodia by opening a music school for children and providing aid to those in the area. The first Cambodia trip will take place on November 12-19, 2022. 


Stitches of Hope

Stitches of Hope is a non-profit organization whose goal is to bring hope to Cambodia families by stitching, weaving, and creating products that would benefit the less fortunate in Cambodia. Timbella Foundation has been working hand-in-hand with Stitches of Hope to help them achieve their vision and mission for Cambodia relief. 

Timbella Foundation believes in helping children and families in need, locally and globally, by partnering with other organizations that share the same mission.

“Changing the world by helping others in need” is the foundational function of Timbella's missions.

 Timbella Foundation aims to provide aid to those less fortunate, musical opportunities for children locally and globally, and to be a liaison between local churches, businesses and individuals, connecting them to the needs of the global mission field.  

Timbella achieves these goals by connecting with other organizations and creating local and global missions that anyone can join and support.  

Here is what we are doing GLOBALLY (see images above)

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